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Product Families
Omron Accurax G5 Servo Drives
Omron Alphanumeric Displays
Omron Closed Loop Vector Drives
Omron Color Products Family
Omron CP Series Micro PLCs
Omron CPM Series Micro PLCs
Omron CRT1 Distributed I O
Omron Displacement Measurement Sensors
Omron DRT2 Distributed I/O
Omron E2A Proximity Sensors
Omron E2A-DC Inductive Sensor
Omron E2A3 Extended Long Range Proximity Sensor
Omron E2AU Proximity Sensor
Omron E2C Subminiature Proximity Sensor
Omron E2E Proximity Sensors
Omron E2E2 Proximity Sensor
Omron E2EC Subminiature Proximity Sensor, Proximit
Omron E2J Flat Pack Proximity Sensors
Omron E2K Series Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Omron E2Q2 Limit Switch Style Proximity Sensor
Omron E2Q5 Long Distance Proximity Sensor
Omron E2S Proximity Sensor
Omron E5AN Temperature Controller
Omron E5AR and E5ER Modular Temperature Controller
Omron E5C2 Temperature Controller
Omron E5CN Temperature Controllers
Omron E5CSV Temperature Controller
Omron E5EN Temperature Controller
Omron E5GN Temperature Controller
Omron E5ZN Modular Temperature Controller
Omron E6A2C Encoder Incremental Rotary
Omron E6B2-C Encoder Incremental Rotary
Omron E6C3A Encoder Absolute Rotary
Omron E6C3C Encoder Incremental Rotary
Omron E6CP Encoder Absolute Rotary
Omron E6D Encoder Incremental Rotary
Omron E6F-C Encoder Incremental Rotary
Omron E6FA Encoder Absolute Rotary
Omron EJ1 Modular Temperature Controller
Omron Encoder Family
Omron ERT1 CIP Based EtherNet IP I O
Omron Fiber Optic Amplifiers
Omron Fiber Optic Sensor Heads
Omron G Series Servo Drives
Omron G3JA Soft Starters
Omron GRT1 Smartslice Fieldbus I O
Omron GX EtherCAT Compact Remote I/O Series
Omron H8PS Cam Positioner
Omron Industrial Panel PC
Omron Integrated Touchscreens
Omron Interlock Family
Omron Large PLCs
Omron Light Curtain Family
Omron Limit Switch Family
Omron Liquid Level Family
Omron Luster Family
Omron Machine Automation Controller
Omron Machine Vision Family
Omron Measurement Family
Omron Micro AC Drives
Omron Operator Interface Family
Omron Panel Meter Family
Omron Photoelectric Sensors Background/Foreground
Omron Photoelectric Sensors Color/Mark Detection
Omron Photoelectric Sensors for Automotive
Omron Photoelectric Sensors for Harsh Environment
Omron Photoelectric Sensors for Packaging
Omron Photoelectric Sensors for Semiconductors
Omron Photoelectric Sensors General Purpose
Omron Power Supply Family
Omron Profile Advanced Sensor
Omron Proximity Family
Omron Proximity Sensors Harsh Environment
Omron R7 Series Servo Drives
Omron Reflective Miniature Photomicrosensors
Omron Servo Motors
Omron Slotted Miniature Photomicrosensors
Omron Small to Mid-Size PLCs
Omron Solid State Relays
Omron Special Application Photomicrosensors
Omron SRT2 Distributed I O
Omron Temperature Family
Omron Through-Beam Style Photomicrosensors
Omron TL Series Proximity Sensors
Omron TL W Proximity Sensor
Omron Touchscreen Displays
Omron Trajexia Motion Controller
Omron Ultrasonic Family
Omron Vision Sensor Family
Omron WD30 Wireless DeviceNet Modules
Omron WE70 Wireless Ethernet IP Modules
Related Technologies
Industrial Control Components
PLC's, Distributed I/O, Industrial PCs, HMI's
Sensors, Vision, Feedback Devices

Founded in 1933, Omron is one of the world’s leading suppliers of reliable, advanced electronics and control system components with revenues exceeding $5.2 billion. Omron offers global sales, service and technical support from more than 24,000 employees at 1,500 offices and more than 35 manufacturing facilities worldwide, all with ISO 9000 certification.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Industrial Networking & Wiring Solutions
  • Sensors
  • Vision Systems
  • Operator Interfaces (HMI’s)
  • Process & Temperature Controllers
  • Counters & Timers
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Safety Products
  • Power Supplies
  • Motion Control
  • Auto ID systems
  • DeviceNet Products, Remote I/O
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