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Others may claim attention to detail, but only Innovative-IDM publishes its quality assurance numbers for its electrical control panel assembly shop.

Last year, our UL508A panel assembly shop met the customer’s requested delivery date 98.2% of the time. And of nearly 4,000 units produced, we were error-free 99.8% of the time.

If you want quality work, and you want it on time, you need the home of LEGENDARY customer service - Innovative-IDM and its UL508A Control Panel assembly team.
UL508A Panel Shop: Built by Innovative IDM
Labeled Wires and Components: All wires and components are labeled to provide easy future additions or repairs trouble-free. We print our own labels and they can be customized to your specs if you wish. Torque Controlled Screwdriver: We used precision, torque controlled screwdrivers which are preset depending on the job. This assures consistency throughout the panel, and means that no matter who the panel builder is, the last screw is as perfectly tight as the first. Stainless Steel: We understand control panels can be put into harsh enviroments, so we use stainless steel hardware on all of our projects to resist corrosion and breakdown. It's the little things like this - striving for excellence - that makes a big difference in the long run. HMIs on Doors: Programming is easy when we install an HMI on the door of your panel. Save time and let our ASGs do the programming fo you. We offer a wide variety of customized enclosure features. Tell us what you want.
Your Plans or Ours: We can build panels from your existing plans and schematics. Starting a new project? We are experts at laying out a control panel and our specialists can do it for you and print the schematics out on our big, 42-inch plotter. Check and Double Check: 100% of the wiring in your new or retrofitted panel is tested by a second technician. Nobody checks their own work. Our point-to-point inspection process assures that all wires are properly cannected and labeled, components are fitted and secure, and the panel is neat and clean going out of the door. Precision, Neat Wiring: All door wiring is spiral wrapped and cable-tie mounted for protection and strain relief. UL508A certification labels are affixed (when applicable) and all door wiring is subject to our rigorous point-to-point inspection. On Time, Built Correct: We police our turnaround time and quality control daily. In 2008, we were 99.9% correct and meet customer's initial deadlines 98.6% of the time on more than 18,000 units produced.
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Todd Mueller,
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Miracon needed a circuit
breaker, Todd stayed late
so they could come by and
pick it up.
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